Sign of the time (shopping for hope) by Reece Ward

by Andy on July 17, 2008

I thought that the e-mail from Reece about this tee was pretty funny, and since sharing is fun, here you go:

I’ve delved deep into my sole to create my latest t-shirt.

Not only have I decovered the meaning life, the universe and everything…

…but I’ve made a pretty t-shirt too.

I like the way that sentiment sums up this tee design as well, about corporations being like a new, shiny form of religion (what’s that, there’s something else I can queue up for outside the Apple store?), but I think the argument is somewhat crippled when its being sold on a t-shirt, although thats probably the post-modern point.

Costiness=$24.34 Tee Link

  • Kevin

    This is a fantastic shirt. I love the satire and symbolism. I wonder if the proximity of the company’s logo to the skull and cross bones in the center equates to an even more destructive death force? Either way, very nifty shirt.

  • Joe

    I think it’s more of a broad satire of iconphilia in general than so specific a message as ‘corporations being like a new, shiny form of religion’. He threw in some pretty unexpected ones (to me) like: a Banksy, Amnesty International, Galactic Empire, evolution, WWF, Greenpeace, &c.

  • Andy

    Yeah, I guess that’s probably a better way to look at it.

  • Derek

    i love all the different logos and the design of the shirt. really kool!

  • Pamela Daley

    Uuuhhmm: “I’ve delved deep into my sole to create my latest t-shirt.” – ‘sole’ what? Is he alone? Does he eat fish while designing shirts? Oh wait, he just doesn’t know how to spell! Dilutes the sincerity just a tad, don’t ya think?

  • Andy

    Aren’t you super-pissed that I forgot to add the ‘s’ to the end of ‘times’ in the title? (I just noticed it, it wasn’t on purpose)

    And haven’t you heard of Wacom’s latest fish based tablet design? Apparently its revolutionary in the way it ‘scales’ graphics.

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