Andy, where the hell have you been?

by Andy on July 23, 2008


Sorry about my unannounced couple of days off, I usually like to let you know so that you don’t worry about me (I know you do!), but one of my friends from university came to visit and since he actually flew here to see me I thought it would be rather remiss of me as a host to sit at my laptop for hours and hours rather than showing him the wonders of the Lake District, so instead of throwing together some weak posts I decided to just not write anything. Just because I took a little break didn’t mean that the news stopped flooding in, so I’m going to try and blitz through them before the weekend hits us again for another couple of days of booze and sandwich filled excess.

  • Kevin

    That place is still amazing

  • Andy

    Oh dang, I didn’t think I’d posted a photo of Aira Force on here before, at least its a fresh photo though, I only took it on Tuesday.

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