Kim Kardashian thinks Green Is The New Black

by Andy on July 28, 2008

She may think green is the new black, but apparently has no problem putting what appears to be a magazine (or some other paper-based item) into a plastic bag. I’ll give Kim K the benefit of the doubt and naively believe that she is reusing a previously used bag rather than destroying the planet (although I guess all the petrol used by the paps following her around would be worse than one plastic carrier bag). The tee is available from The Emperors New Clothes.

I think I found this photo on the Superficial.

  • Rude Retro

    If she has even read it I imagine she probably thinks it’s about the color rather than any environmental issues.

  • Tone Rock

    I REALLY like Kim,

    but at the same time, I feel like Black is the New Black (soooo tired of those t’s)

  • Kevin

    LOL, good eye on spotting the bag; I’d have missed it.

    It seems like this shirt must be around in a million different variations. Still it’s amusing and I like the statement.

  • wool

    Shirt is made by Emperor’s New Clothes who also created “This is not a photo Opportunity” that Kim wore. If you want to check out more cool shirts, visit!

  • Andy

    Thanks wool, but if you read my article you’ll find that I already link to the Emperors New Clothes.

  • Theresa

    i envy the body of Kim Kardashian. for me, her body is so perfect and i really love her big boobs.

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