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August 2008

Ground Defenses by Glennz

by Andy on August 29, 2008

Glennz: Hey Andy, are there any themes that will pretty much guarantee getting on HYA?
Andy: Well…. ummm… I’m pretty much obsessed with anything to do with Space Invaders even though I haven’t played the game for about 10 years.
Glennz: How very odd, so you just like those funny mosaics?
Andy: Yeah, pretty much…
Glennz: So… if I make a fairly oblique Space Invaders reference then you’ll be down with it?
Andy: Down with it? I’ll probably be so excited by it that I end up writing a really weird post where I pretend we’ve had an IM conversation about t-shirt designs.
Glennz: Wow, that is weird, oh well, I’ve got to go back to my t-shirt design laboratory where I have a team of scientists analysing pop culture references for their hilarity content.
Andy: Cool, xoxo.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it here

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Threadless’ sale just got 25% better

by Andy on August 29, 2008


[My God my arms are hairy, even though I see them every day I’m still shocked when they’re in photos]

Threadless must have heard all the grumblings (including my own faux-anger) over the recent $2 price rise over their usual sale price of $10, making tees $12 a piece, because they’ve lowered the price on over 140 designs to the rather more exciting cost of just $9. Happy now?

Actually, I’m a little unhappy, because I already put in an order for a bunch of tees for me and my brother using my street team points, and now I could’ve got more tees for the same price, it seems like it would be fairer for Threadless to reward people who get onto the sale early who’re loyal supporters of the brand rather than lower the price later, they should have made a decision and stuck to it.

There’s also a street team points contest going on for the duration of the sale (though it wasn’t announced at the start of the sale), in which the 5 people who refer the most sales during the sale fortnight will have their street team points for those sales doubled. So, instead of getting $3 per sale, they’ll get $6. I don’t know why I’m mentioning this contest, its blatantly going to be won by a large coupon code site that don’t even know they’re in a competition.



75% off at Attus Apparel… hurry!

by Andy on August 29, 2008

How crazy is that for a discount? 75%! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 75% off everything discount before. Time to stock up on polo shirts my friends (and even my enemies, this deal is too good for anyone to miss).

Just input the coupon code fivefingerdiscount at the checkout to get the discount applied to your virtual basket. Be quick though, this code is only valid until August 31st.

Attus Apparel [via notcot]


I think that the thing that drew most people to itself. was the fantastic glove pocket tee, and designers were probably drawn in by the possibility of a $4000 cash prize for submitting a winning design, but if you took a closer look at itself. then you would have found a very promising site with some excellent designs.

Initially, itself.’s tee designs were fairly subdued affairs, single colour designs printed onto white tees. Recently though, their design competition has resulted in a couple of rather more colourful winners, but I still think that their first wave of offerings has a lot of charm about them, and ‘more tape?’ is no exception. It’s simple, it’s fun, and I have absolutely no idea what it means, if its meant to mean anything, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, that’s how I like it. The original version had stripes running down to the hem, but I think it looks a lot cleaner and executes the concept better with a few less stripes.

itself. don’t rely on a third party such as American Apparel or Continental Clothing to produce their tees, they use a custom shirt that they’re really proud of and with pretty good reason too. If you click through on that last link, you’ll see why they like their tees so much, a wide and loose neck, thin ribbing on the neck, as printed tag rather than a hang tag that might be slightly irritating. These things all show that they’ve looked at what they would like to wear, and then seen that vision through. I’m sure they also used to claim that they dipped all the tees in a special wash of love and joy (or something along those lines), but I can’t see it on the site now. The tee is indeed very soft, and the fit is really nice, ever so slightly shorter and ever so slightly thinner in the body than an AA tee (at leas that’s how it felt, I haven’t checked the figures). I’m not in love with the neck though, wide necks aren’t really my style, they make me feel like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but it isn’t exactly so big that it would put me off from buying the tee. In terms of the print, I was worried that it wrapping around under the arms would make it feel a bit constricting, but thankfully that isn’t the case with the water-based ink print.

Costiness=$21 Buy the Mens Version/Womens Version


Flickr Finds: Kiss Troopers

by Andy on August 28, 2008

I know that everyone is going gaga over the new Star Wars x Marc Ecko line that is doing the rounds at the moment, but I found another collaboration (presumably not quite as official) on Flickr that I thought was really cool. Oh, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that this photo was taken at Comic Con.

Usual caveat: this picture is listed as ‘all rights reserved,’ but hopefully the photographer (earthdog) won’t mind me showing this awesome tee to a few more people.


It’s winter already? Are you… Ceer!us?

by Andy on August 28, 2008

Wow, I mean really, wow, it takes a special kind of person (me!) to write a post title that bad.

Ceer!us Apparel’s winter line has been made available, and to be completely honest I’m not all that excited by it (although this, this, and this are pretty cool… huh, I guess I do like it!), but I really love the photoshoot that they’ve done to promote the new range.

Ceer!us Apparel

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Buy One Get One Free at Thriving Ink

by Andy on August 28, 2008

I was in the supermarket today and bags of prawn crackers were on buy one get one free, so naturally I picked up a couple of bags. I never buy prawn crackers from the supermarket, they’re just so unhealthy, yet I still bought them since they were such a good deal. Thriving Ink on the other hand, I actually like their stuff, so here’s a buy one get one free deal that won’t leave you with the twinge of guilt and shame of binge-eating a bag of crackers.

To qualify for the deal you need to enter the coupon code CUST2 during the checkout procedure, but be quick, because that code will expire on August 31st.

Thriving Ink


When I took a quick look, and it was a very quick look, at the submissions to Terratag‘s design competition (basic guidelines: design a t-shirt with a robot on it) I wasn’t actually all that impressed with what I saw, but I guess that I must have missed this design, because I really like the concept, and the execution is pretty great too, so its a good thing it won the competition or I would have never seen it.

Costiness=£20 Buy the tee here


50,000 shirts are now on sale

by Andy on August 27, 2008

Remember back in late May when I told you about the guys that were hoping to raise $1 million to help with earthquake relief in China by selling 50,000 t-shirts (which was the estimated death toll from the Earthquake at the time when the idea was born), well, it may have taken some time and they may have had to jump over numerous stumbling blocks but the tees are finally on sale, and whilst some people may well describe charity tees as being a badge to show how generous and awesome of a person you are, I’m all for them… because, and you may have noticed this before, I’m all for almost every t-shirt… except this one.

Fifty Thousand T-Shirts


Remember the Popdeck x laFraise competition that I mentioned a while back? Well, it seems that things have taken on an exciting and unexpected twist!

If you purchase any deck from Popdeck (not just the winner from the laFraise competition) you’ll receive the Popcorn design that was one of the laFraise winners. That shirt costs €23 from the laFraise store, and its printed on an organic American Apparel tee, decks from Popdeck cost $40 (the $32 shipping cost to the UK is pretty high, but hey, a deck weighs a fair amount). I could do the rest of the math for you, but now matter how you plug the numbers into the equation your calculator is always going to read “hey, that’s a great deal!”

To get your free tee you first need to purchase the deck, then send an e-mail with your size. As you’d imagine, this deal is strictly whilst supplies last, so it might be a good idea to get on it sooner than later if you’re interested.



I know you’d never know if from looking at the archives, but Zero Boutique are actually a teensy bit responsible for HYA coming into existence. All the way back in 2003, I was hunting for some cool shirts on the internet when I found Zero Boutique, back then there were nowhere near as many t-shirt shops worth visiting on the internet, so they really stood out. I didn’t actually buy anything from them (yeah, that part does take some of the romance out of the story), but they did help to provide the spark for my love/obsession of finding cool t-shirts on the internet.

Anyway, I’m getting off point here, ZBQ are having an end of summer sale, meaning that all their tees tees are just $14.80 until September 2nd. As if that weren’t cheap enough, and considering they print onto American Apparel tees it probably is, ZBQ have hooked us up with a coupon code that will get you 10% off your order, which makes the sale tees an even more palatable $13.32 each. At the appropriate point in the purchasing process enter the code HIDEYERARMZ to be eligible for the discount. This code isn’t just valid for the duration of the sale, its valid for the duration of… forever, so if you don’t pick anything up during the sale, you’ll always be able to get 10% off their regular prices.

Zero Boutique


Mainstream brand alert! Mainstream brand alert!

Have no fear, I’ll get back to posting about stuff that is printed by some dude in a poorly-ventilated garage, but sometimes I’ve just gotta post this stuff.

Natterjacks are selling two very limited edition Adidas tracksuits, the first is a black and red leather (yes, a leather tracksuit) number based upon the 80s original, which would be perfect for completing your Run DMC cosplay outfit if you’re happy to hand over £550 ($1010) for it. Up next, a track jacket that actually has stainless steel woven into the thread, which is fairly clever, but rather pointless and gaudy. In their product description Natterjacks say they they only have a couple of these so they’ll go quick, but I get the feeling that they might be hanging around for a while with a £400 pricetag, unless I have seriously underestimated the amount of disposable income that rappers in the UK have going spare for bling.

Since I wouldn’t want you to come away from this post thinking “that was fun, but why not point I out something I should buy Andy, you handsome devil?” I’ve found (ok, that’s a lie, I got sent an e-mail about them, blogging is so easy sometimes!) 3 tees from the Adidas Originals range that are about as retro as their track suits cousins, but you might actually want to wear them. All three are available from Urban Industry for £24.50, which is probably a bit pricey for our buddies in the States, but actually pretty good going for a UK shop.

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Monstar Clothing’s $8.88 sale

by Andy on August 26, 2008

I think this sale has been going on for quite a long time, presumably since 08/08/08, but I kept forgetting to post it, so here ya go!

Monstar Clothing

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Yes, this tee is by Art in the Age of Reproduction, and no, I haven’t made an error in the title, although I do think that if Art in the Age and No Age team up for a collaboration that that should have dropped the ‘the’ from the title. “Art in No Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” see? Much cleaner!

I’ve never actually heard of No Age, an experimental rock/pop punk/noisepop/powerpop/shoegaze (<-- whaa??!!)/what do genre labels even mean anymore... band from Los Angeles before I found out about this tee collaboration, but I think I stopped knowing what was cool in the music world a long time ago when I unsubscribed from Stereogum and decided that I quite liked ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne.

The tee itself has a kinda grimy punk quality to it. At first I didn’t actually find it all that appealing, and as a tee on its own it hasn’t really grown on me, but I reckon that if it were being worn by someone with a bit of a rocker look that it would be pretty badass.

Costiness=$28 Men’s tee/Women’s Tee


New Shirts and website from FFee Clothing

by Andy on August 26, 2008

FFee Clothing have released eight new designs, shown above in the gallery, and redesigned their website, not shown above, but it does look really cool, they’ve got lots of hand-drawn text and illustrations mixed with photos, and… and… well, just go take a look yourself, its a treat for your eyes.

Their new packaging looks pretty gorgeous, so if you weren’t quite sure whether to make a purchase then that might be the tipping point for you.

FFee Clothing


The (Pattern) Battle is over at Allmightys

by Andy on August 26, 2008

Allmightys are rapidly turning into my favourite European design competition, they’ve got the quality, the community, the artists, and I just get a generally good feeling about them. Their latest themed competition was based around patterns. As you can probably tell from the gallery above, the winners were a pretty diverse bunch, branching off from what I’d consider a pattern by a few degrees, but still creating clever designs that are undeniably patterns. My pick ‘o the bunch is actually the Gold Prize winner of the contest, Slum, a great colourway and beautifully illustrated, bravo, darruda!



Wow, I guess that the global enconomic downturn is really starting to bite, Threadless‘ famous $10 sales have gone up in price to the staggeringly wallet-emptying mark of $12 per t-shirt. Crazy right? Such price gouging shall not be tolerated!

They’ve also got 18 new designs and 18 reprints this week, oh Threadless, you truly are spoiling us.


*Does anyone know if the sales also run in the Chicago store? I’m not heading there or anything like that, just curious.


7 New Shirts from Waterloo

by Andy on August 25, 2008

Argentina’s finest have released seven fresh designs that keep up their tradition of paying homage to some of their favourite movies and bands. My particular favourite from this crop of tees is “The Dark Side Of Oz” which is based upon the urban legend that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon matches up with The Wizard of Oz at certain points, I’ve never put them together myself, but I’d presume that you need to have taken a lot of drugs to see/hear it.


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jack black six pack t-shirt

Am I the only person that seriously dislikes this kind of tee? They just simply aren’t funny, even when they’re being worn ironically, as I hope Jack Black is doing. They’re like the t-shirt equivalent of people that fart loudly and then think its the funniest thing in the world. Ever.

I realise that I should probably just not post this kind of thing and practice what Kottke preaches, but I was hoping that this post might enlighten one or two people that surf on through from search engines and whatnot. Oh, and if you do insist on wearing clothing that has a connection with six packs, please make it Six Pack.

Picture via Hollywood Grind

Update: This guy on Etsy is selling a fairly similar t-shirt that looks nicely printed. I still bloody hate ab shirts though.


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