Another F#%^ing T-Shirt By Another F(#%ing T-Shirt Company

by Andy on August 1, 2008

I remember seeing this t-shirt a couple of years ago when it was the full-blooded, swearing like a sailor version, but I didn’t post it since back then I didn’t want to swear on the blog (and I still don’t), so happily Reason clothing have released a version that is totally inoffensive because no one will possibly be able to work out what letters #%^ are meant to represent.

Costiness=$35 Tee link

  • Derek

    dam 35 bucks for that tshirt. i can print my own for alot cheaper than that

  • Peter

    You know, it’s one of my personal bug bears that people are so into censorship. No offense to you, Andy, but what is the difference between writing f*ck and fuck? Every single person that reads f*ck knows what it means, they read “fuck” in their head, so why not just write “fuck”? It’s a valid word in the English language. Same with f#%^ing – is there really anyone that doesn’t just read that as “fucking”?

    It looks like the original tee was by – I wonder if have bought any kind of copyright over the design, or whether they have just ripped the idea?

  • Andy

    For me, its not necessarily the actual words, I always feel like when I’m writing that if I were to start swearing that it would just be lazy writing, and since this is a clothes blog there are rarely issues that I deal with that frustrate or annoy me enough to use swear words as a means to express just how much a certain issue annoys me.

    I know what you mean though, no one sees an asterisk, they just read it normally. I did think that I covered that issue in my post though.

    I think the copyright worries might be mislaid, 5andadime sell lots of different brands (although they do have an in house brand) and I think that they probably sold the original uncensored version, which is why the pictures in the link I provided were watermarked by 5andadime, but I’ve found the uncensored tee on sale here and it says that Reason are the brand that sell it. I do think it would be quite funny if someone ripped the idea of this tee though, considering the message it represents.

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  • Kevin

    This is a really basic t-shirt and it seems to strive for originality by employing unoriginality.

    …I like it

    I agree that 35 is a bit much for such a basic print though.

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