Review: Miss Do-Gooder

by Andy on August 9, 2008

When you hear the name Miss Do-Gooder and its someone actually describing themselves, you know that person is pretty willing to firmly plant their tongue in their cheek whilst they’re trying to save the world. Miss Do-Gooder, also known as Susan Wildes, started her t-shirt line because she wants to help bring an end to problems that injustices in the world, and she’ll be doing that by giving away part of the profits from the tees she sells. The first issue to be addressed? Animal cruelty. The way that people treat animals seems to have been big news recently, whether its thinking that its fun to watch and bet on animals fighting with each other, finding out how where the meat in your burgers comes from, or trying to give the chickens that end up on our supermarket shelves a better deal (like not having to walk around in their own crap), hopefully this tee can help do some good.

I really like Susan’s idea of making a superhero cartoon character based upon the alter ego that she’s created for herself, and for the character to be so cute makes it a lot easier to like, unlike the time I turned myself into a superhero and just got drunk. The image reminds me of illustrations from Roald Dahl books, which is definitely a good thing in my eyes, and that look of self-satisfaction on the face is totally priceless (actual price $25). Just having an outline print for the blue body and filling in all the other spaces is quite a cool design choice too.

This tee is printed on a 50/50 American Apparel tee. I don’t think I’ve received anything else from the 50/50 range in the past, but I’m sure I own a tee from AA that is a cotton/polyester blend, possibly from some kind of sports/athletic range, that I assume is fairly similar to this in terms of fabric that has lasted really well, keeping its shape and not losing any colour, so I’m pretty sure whichever of my lady friends is the recipient of this tee will be getting a shirt that lasts a long time. The print quality feels pretty decent as well, so a good product all in all. A quick warning to my non-US compatriots, Miss Do-Gooder isn’t quite ready yet for international orders (which makes me receiving one all the more special, I guess), so you’ll have to wait a while to buy a tee, but I’m sure you’d be able to give money to a local charity to help prevent cruelty to animals, or perhaps provide care for animals that have been mistreated in the past.

Costiness=$50 Tee Link

  • Kevin

    This is a really cool shirt and it sounds like a good cause. I’m pulling for “Miss Do-Gooder” to be a smash hit!

  • Danielle

    Miss Do-Gooder ROCKS. I am buying shirts for all my girls. LOVE the scoop neck — the girls will thank you. And the blue is the perfect color for a foggy day in San Fran!

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