This post is boring and has nothing to do with clothes

by Andy on August 10, 2008


*This post is all admin, but at least you got to look at a pretty picture*

I’ve done a little bit of cleaning up to the site which should make it a bit easier to navigate and hopefully make it attractive to new readers visiting the wonderful world of HYA for the first time.

  • The archives are no longer listed on the sidebar as they were becoming too long, and can now be found on their own dedicated archives page. This page actually has more info on it, like the amount of posts in each category and amount of posts per month, so I think moving the archives to their own page should make things a lot easier for those of you wanting to delve into HYAs past.
  • Each post now has ‘related posts’ listed underneath them. I wonder if the posts related to this article are also boring admin stuff?
  • You may have noticed that the ancient “Should I write about coats” poll has gone. This doesn’t mean I’m never going to run another poll again, it just means that I don’t see much need in leaving up the previous poll for almost a year when you guys can’t even vote on it.
  • I’ve installed a plugin that allows me to gather data on which articles are the most popular (fun!), so I can see what you like and what you don’t like. The top 10 articles (based upon the plugins algorithm) can be found on the bottom of the sidebar. That placement might change in the near future because I don’t like the way it looks. Predictably, the most popular articles are my list based posts, like the tee blog lists, and the robot tees list.
  • You can now subscribe to comments by e-mail. I noticed that on a lot of other blogs there was an option for people to check a box when they left a comment which meant they would be sent an e-mail if anyone else left a comment on that blog post, and I thought that was a great idea since I’m always forgetting to check back to pages I’ve left comments on, so hopefully you’ll find this option useful in keeping conversations going in comment threads.
  • If there’s anything that you like or don’t like about the changes, or if there’s some kind of functionality that you think this site desperately needs, please get in touch or leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

    *comments have been turned off on this post due to high levels of spam being targeted at it.

    • Kevin

      That plugin may not work so well, since most of the time I don’t click to go to the actual post, rather just read it in its entirety on the main page. I only really “go” to it if I’m going to leave a comment on it. The related posts thing might change that, though :)

    • Denver

      Are you sure about the “Popular posts”? I’m getting :

      Mila Kunis Wearing A hoodie“, “New Thread Heads Episode” and “Pop Vulture T-Shirts are circling above Bush” as the top 3.

      Maybe it’s not working so well?

    • Andy

      @Kevin, the related posts plugin is mostly for people who are coming in from search engines (trying to get them to stick around for longer), and they mostly go to a single post rather than the main page. I guess it doesn’t help in gathering the data, but as long as you’re reading I’m a happy man.

      @Denver the problem with that plugin is that it only collects data from the point when I’ve installed it, which is why articles from the past week or so are most likely be on the the list. Within a week or two it should start to reflect the true state of things.

      Also, I think it counts spam comments in the algorithm, and I hadn’t cleared the queue in Akismet (my spam handling software) for a few days, and there was more than 100 comments on that Thread Heads post (even though they weren’t viewable on the post itself), which skewed its position a bit. I don’t know why its still there since I’ve cleared the spam now, but I’m still learning about it. Oh, and you’d be surprised how many people are interested in seeing Mila Kunis wearing a hoodie!

    • MiNGLED

      Overall the changes make sense, I just wonder if the plug in will more accurately be testing the popularity of articles in search engines along with which ones get clicked through to the site. Interesting exercise whatever happens.

    • Andy

      The popularity plugin works based on an algorithm that takes a load of things into account (permalink views, archive views, category views, feed views, comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks) but the algorithm places a lot more value on pingbacks, trackbacks and comments, which should hopefully alleviate the problem that just the most searched for articles come up.

      I’ll need to keep changing the percentages round until it reflects what I know are the popular articles, but I think it needs more than a few days data for it to get a good reading.

    • Haundadague

      What is bumburbia?

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