Mac Ghosts by Gary Gao

by Andy on August 12, 2008

I got an e-mail a couple of days ago (from someone that isn’t Gary Gao) which just contained the URL to this t-shirt, I didn’t actually click through because I was just checking my e-mails on my iPhone and we don’t have 3G (or even Edge) around here so I just moved on to the next e-mail, when I revisited the link today I realised it was fate. The link led through to a t-shirt design by Gary Gao, and I’m actually wearing the Gary Gao’s Ghost Camera’s hoodie right now, so I felt pretty compelled to post this tee. I’m not just posting it because of that moment of serendipity, he’s a great designer and really knows what goes into a good tee.

Costiness=$15 Tee Link (I can’t actually find this linked anywhere else on the Karmasoup site, so I don’t know how the tipster found it)

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