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by Andy on August 14, 2008

I don’t really know anything about the world of hats, I didn’t even know that they could also be called ‘lids’. I like them and have a small collection for when I just can’t be bothered to sculpt my hair (and it is sculpting sometimes), but my knowledge of who’s hot and who is not is very, very limited. So with that in mind, here’s Hat Hype, a blog all about New Era hats, fitted caps, and lid related news. Anyone know of any other cool hat blogs? I can see myself turning from “Andy the t-shirt guy” into “Andy the t-shirt guy that also wears hats.”

Hat Hype

  • Hat Hype

    Thank you very much for writing this, you are awesome!

  • Luke.G

    Another good blog for fitted caps is:

  • the hat man

    wuz also going to pimp strictlyfitteds. also a great site for info on hats.

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