Toykyo proves that there is something interesting in Belgium

by Andy on August 21, 2008

When I took my mini break earlier this week it was because I headed down to London to wave goodbye to this guy since he moved to Brussels yesterday. In the interests of maintaining a decent segue I thought it would be appropriate to post Toykyo, a Belgian-based production and design company that also sell art/clothing/plush dolls and urban vinyl. They’ve got a cute and fun style and really know their way around t-shirts, so hopefully this first run of three designs (limited to 200 pieces each) will lead to more releases in the future.


  • Kevin

    Site’s a little hard to follow, I’m a little flash-site-retarded. Though I can’t hate on anything with that genre of cute designs, especially if the name is as amazing as Toykyo. You said they’ve only got 3 designs, but I see over 5 sold out ones! Looks like they already did as good as you predicted

  • Andy

    Argh! My bad, that’s what you get when you rush out the posts.

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