Jack Black’s wearing a six pack abs tee, what a funny, funny man

by Andy on August 25, 2008

jack black six pack t-shirt

Am I the only person that seriously dislikes this kind of tee? They just simply aren’t funny, even when they’re being worn ironically, as I hope Jack Black is doing. They’re like the t-shirt equivalent of people that fart loudly and then think its the funniest thing in the world. Ever.

I realise that I should probably just not post this kind of thing and practice what Kottke preaches, but I was hoping that this post might enlighten one or two people that surf on through from search engines and whatnot. Oh, and if you do insist on wearing clothing that has a connection with six packs, please make it Six Pack.

Picture via Hollywood Grind

Update: This guy on Etsy is selling a fairly similar t-shirt that looks nicely printed. I still bloody hate ab shirts though.

  • http://blog.youdesignit.com Kevin

    I can definitely see your point; I find it rather amusing though.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Oh Kevin, I’ll dispatch the HYA van immediately so that you can be swiftly transported to the Hide Your Arms re-education clinic.

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  • Sergio

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. I think it’s it’s a cool shirt. If this bothers you, what women who wear padded bras or Spanx? Who are they kidding?

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  • http://sixpack54.wordpress.com John Mcmaster

    I would love one of these tee-shirts as I’m aiming at a sixpack by the time I’m 54 and it would motivates me to wear this. Go see my blog :)

    My question is where do I get one????

  • Shane

    Yeah, so where do I get one??


  • charliee

    sooo funny !!!
    where do i get one?

  • JeffDaChef

    Yeah, I can’t stand these ab tees. But I must admit, this is the best looking fake ab shirt I’ve ever seen. And I did laugh at the look on Jack’s face.

  • Jack

    What I find more annoying is your use of the terminology ‘tee’.
    ‘Sreally fucking sad.

  • http://www.hoodyclothing.co.uk/ Hoodie Clothing

    Hey is just great reminds us of the incredible hulk. What about having it on a hoody zipper or pullover hoodie – would look just great

  • marina

    oi Jack Black

  • funny guy

    dude ur stuck up have some fun every once in a while u sound like a very boring person!

  • jeremy

    Only jack Black can pull something like this off!! Go Jack screw ‘em all lousy, cribby, bitchy boring pansy shitnicks.

  • http://wtfxup.net/ Adam B

    Interesting post, i really enjoyed it =D reason face

  • Sean

    Dude your retarded, this shirt is hilarious… i want one for sure now! you have no sense of humor and obviously don’t have a college degree or you would know how to spell (realiZe) not realise.

  • Andy

    Hi Sean, I’m the guy that runs this site. I’m fine with you having a difference of opinion with me, you like the shirt, I don’t, these things happen.

    However, just to clear something up, I received my degree in History & Politics from the University of Leicester in 2006. In England we spell it ‘realise’ not ‘realiZe’, I can’t tell you why there is a difference, but I know there is one.

    I’m writing this comment on my iPhone, so it’s possible there will be spelling errors, hopefully you’ll let them slide if you can find any.

  • roflcopter

    whoever wrote this article is a stupid bitch

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    As mentioned earlier roflcopter, different strokes for different folks, and I don’t see why I’m a stupid bitch for not liking a t-shirt.

  • christina

    Please help me find this t-shirt for my dad!!!!

  • George

    Does anyone know where to find this shirt ?

  • christina

    Still looking for this T-Shirt but nobody seems to be able to help

  • Felix

    Andy you are not a “stupid bitch”, the moron who made such a statement is just a poor lonely child who has nothing better to do in life but to sit on his ass behind a monitor expressing his hate for the world over the internet because that individual has no life period. Thanks for the article and my honest opinion rides right along side yours. The shirt really isn’t something i would fancy wearing on the streets lol. I’d rather just go shirtless to show off a pack like that! As if people aren’t insecure enough, thanks for making T’s like that so people can have more of a reason to wallow in their own shame of insecurity. To each his own though right! Thanks Andy, take care bro.


  • Tom

    First of all: “tee”, “T”, “t-shirt”, “tee-shirt”… whatever. I prefer “tee” – it’s a simple form and there’s something a bit ‘cooler’ to it, still without it being too much or too pretentious. I mean whatever anyway, it’s a word. I say tomato, you say “tomayto” – just like the guy who doesn’t understand that his Americanism (“realize”) is actually an alternate version of a real English word (‘realise’).

    I’m fully behind Andy and Felix on this. Jack Black seems like a cool guy but I think his tee is already over-it. There’s a hint of irony in it I like, but irony in design and fashion has become so over-used that now there is pretty much irony-on-irony. It takes a very good design to get it right. But there’s the people who understand what’s original and fresh, and the people who are stuck without the aid of a “trend-setter” of tees/designs that are already kind of old. If you like this particular tee, no problem – but there’s no reason to be a dick towards someone who has a fresher eye than you do.

  • http://www.tshirtreviewblog.com Brad Kelly

    It amazes me how needlessly incendiary some people can be.

    The original idea of these ab shirts, I will admit, is pretty clever and when it was first done it probably stood out quite a bit.

    The design jumped the shark a long time ago though, it’s been way overdone and like any joke past its prime, isn’t all that funny anymore.


  • CherryDave

    You can get one here from QueensTees on etsy… Rippling Abs Muscle Tee


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