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September 2008

Real Trooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko

by Andy on September 30, 2008

Damn, why did I spend so long (about 30ish hours works) a couple of weeks ago building my Tron costume for a party when I could have just bought a hoodie from streetwear giant Marc Ecko?

I like the way that this hoodie isn’t too ‘novelty’, I must admit that I can’t imagine myself buying it based purely on how it looks, the Star Wars element is clearly a big draw for this hoodie, but at the same time it feels as if they’ve really thought about the design (something that can be seen in a lot of the Ecko x Star Wars range) rather than just cashing in on the franchise.

You can also pretend to be Boba Fett if you want.

Costiness=$98 Buy it at Marc Ecko [via Tcritic] *You can get $10 off your order when you spend $100 (yeah, $100 frustrating right?) by using the coupon code STARWARSFAN8 at the checkout, this coupon code expires on Sunday at midnight.


See the sites, hit the bars

by Andy on September 30, 2008

Picture 154

[I don’t know what that sign is about, I took this photo in Manchester!]

I’ve got a bit of random site news to bring you, and since they didn’t seem quite big enough to mention on their own, this post is packed with not one, not two, but three things that you might want to look at!

1. I Am The Trend – I’ve been trying (and failing) to build a directory of t-shirt shops and blogs for at least a year, clearly someone has had the same idea and unlike me, they have the skills to pull it off. I Am The Trend may well sound like the name of a scene band, but its actually an online directory of indie companies which users can rate and comment on. They focus on clothing art an music, and whilst the directory isn’t huge at the moment I can see a lot of potential. If you run a tee site it might be a good idea to get yourself listed now because after Christmas they’re going to start charging for ‘Pro’ listings.

2. How To Start a T-shirt Company – Jon Kruse, the guy behind Mediocore Clothing has set up a new blog (which actually has some old content from when he was starting Mediocore) which, as you may well have guessed, it all about how to start a t-shirt company. By his own admission he’s still got a fair way to go before you can learn everything about getting your tee label off the ground on the site, but its certainly not the worst place to start if you want to start making t-shirts for fun and profit.

3. Buy-Tees T-Shirt Toolbar - I haven’t had a chance to play about with this yet (just installed, but I need to restart Firefox and with about 20 tabs open that won’t be happening anytime soon), but it looks pretty cool. The t-shirt toolbar, put basically, is an easy way for people to find t-shirts, reviews of t-shirts, videos of t-shirts, and even chat about t-shirts. In lieu of a proper review from me, MilitantGeek has given it a good look and I’m afraid its a thumbs down. **** Apparently there are ‘serious problems’ with the installation of the toolbar, so its probably a good idea to not install it.


Stay Classy by Urban Outfitters [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on September 30, 2008

I’ve got no idea who these two guys are, but I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for photo tees.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Urban Outfitters [Rumplo Link]


Oddica is back (queue dramatic music)

by Andy on September 30, 2008

Sometimes I wish that HYA was a TV show so that I could accompany stories with music, because I think that backing this story would be the music that plays during the Darth Maul x Obi-Wan lightsaber duel during The Phantom Menace. Partially because I want to over-hype the return of Oddica after an unfortunate hiatus of 9 months, and partially because I think that me presenting a segment on TV with music that ridiculously dramatic would be totally badass.

Sorry, I believe I have a news item to tell you. Oddica have released there first new designs since 2007, and they certainly do not disappoint. Good to have you back Oddica, we’ve missed you.


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I’m glad to see that this design got printed somewhere since I used to love playing Duckhunt when I was too young to hold an actual rifle (not that I do much rifle-holding now. mind you), and for it to be at Unetee is even better since it means that you can pick it up for $12 if you buy it this week.

Costiness=$12 Buy it at Unetee

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Lets form Voltron! by Local Celebrity [Review]

by Andy on September 29, 2008

What? Did I just manage to go a whole week without writing about a tee from Local Celebrity? I guess you could say the same thing about going a whole week without seeing a tee that was about Voltron!

Anyway, here we are with yet another Voltron tee that gets a lot more love from my friends than the usual arty stuff that I usually cover my unnecessarily-hairy torso with (you got a mental image of that? awesome!). As with the other Voltron tees I’ve reviewed from Local Celebrity, this one is fully licensed and features artwork that accompanied the show when it was first broadcast on television, which I think it almost a necessity in a culture that’s as otaku as anime people and tee people can be.

So, you’re looking at this tee and thinking, “hey, they’re printed it in a burnout-esque kind of style” or perhaps “I wonder how they got that vintage look?” Well, this tee is actually printed completely normally… except the print is on the inside. Unusual right? So, if you turn it inside out it looks like a regular t-shirt with the writing backwards, but I think that it gives it a good look, not necessarily a vintage look, but something reminiscent of a vintage look, which may or may not make sense to you. If you’re worried about having the print going directly onto your chest and the problems that you cause, you can’t feel the print at all, and the tee itself is super soft as well, in case you’d forgotten my gushingly positive reviews of their tee quality in the past.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at Local Celebrity


Hot damn that looks like some good printing, it practically looks like a painting on a tee.

Foe Paws

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Draw Limited turn doodles into tees

by Andy on September 29, 2008

Well, here’s a novel concept, a t-shirt company that think everyone is an artist. I think they realise that not everyone is the next Rothko or Mozart, but they might be on to something with this idea that ‘everyone doodles’. I guess that’s true to one extent or another, and it actually works surprisingly well as the basis for a clothing line.

Despite the whole “everyone is an artist” thing, their first range of tees shows a lot more doodling talent that you’d find on the writing-pad next to my telephone, and the 3 tees are all pretty cool. Each range (released every few months) is based upon a theme, and the first theme was ‘monsters’ which always provides excellent fodder for designers. I don’t think that there’s actually any kind of prize for people that submit their doodles (although even designs that don’t become a tee get shown off in their gallery), but I really like the old-school way that to submit your artwork your have to send it via snail mail, after all, its hardly a doodle if you’ve done it in Adobe Illustrator!

Draw Limited

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Lhome news: Afternoon Tee & Roktic

by Andy on September 29, 2008

Kieran from Lhome got in touch to let me know about a few exciting new developments that are going down with them. First, they’re in Roktic, which is a British webshop that’s quickly establishing itself as a good place to shop by stocking some really great brands (what a novel process), and the addition of Lhome only strengthens their roster (there’s also free shipping to anywhere at Roktic until the end of the month, hurry!).

Second, they’re going to be one of the brands selling their wares at this years Afternoon Tee in Plymouth. Afternoon tee is an event on October 12th where some of the UKs top small & independent brands come together to sell their clothes, with live screen printing, live DJs and music and a couple of parties to provide extra entertainment. I’m really glad that there’s an event like this in the UK, hopefully it will be a big success, and maybe inspire further events around the country.

Lhome : Roktic : Afternoon Tee


Vote John McClane!

by Andy on September 29, 2008

I’d vote McCain/McClane over McCain/Palin any day, not that it matters since I can’t vote in the election anyway.

Vote John McClane


Red is White are doing something right

by Andy on September 26, 2008

Red is White are yet another t-shirt design competition, but as I’ve said before, I’m all for them if they produce great t-shirts, so if they can keep up the quality they’ve done so far, then I’ll be a pretty happy guy.

The prize package is $400 cash and $100 store credit, and $2 per shirt after you’ve sold 250 shirts.

Red is White

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Ubiq loves Philly

by Andy on September 26, 2008

Yeah, you can expect me posting a lot of stuff about Philadelphia until I move there, so my apologies in advance for that, but the idea behind this design is actually pretty cool, so I guess you might let me off just this once.

In case you haven’t realised Ubiq have taken the logos of Philly’s four main sports teams and just about managed to make them look like their name. Fairly clever stuff, maybe I should buy one so that people in Philly might like me for something other than have a British accent.

Ubiq [via highsnobriety]

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Of Literature

by Andy on September 26, 2008

I found out about this brand via emptees, yeah, that’s right there are forums out there where you’ll actually find something cool that isn’t a lolcat.

Anyway, Of Literature is a brand that bases its designs upon famous books (such as the Wizard of Oz) and each tee features a quote from those books. I really like the concept, and the execution is pretty impressive too, with the style of each tee seemingly being influenced by the subject matter of the books chosen, which I think is a really cool way of doing things.

The tees are all $15 a piece, although they are currently on pre-order, so you may need to wait a little while before you can show off your cool tee in English Lit. class.

Of Literature


Cordial Robots [Flickr Finds]

by Andy on September 26, 2008

I don’t know if any of you have actually read the ridiculously out-of-date ‘About‘ page (untouched since 2006!), but it used to have a joke in it that I would write about onesies. Well, just two and a half years after I wrote that, its come back to bite me in the ass, and with added robot power too!

I can’t promise that I’ll run more baby clothes in the future (actually, I can promise quite the opposite), but I thought that those two robots were way to cute to pass up.

The onesie is available from Botodesigns Etsy store, and if you are aged about 6 months its also available as a t-shirt.

Photo credit: botodesigns


Big sale on at the Karmaloop Kazbah

by Andy on September 25, 2008

Even if I haven’t mentioned it for a loooooooong time, I still really like the Karmaloop Kazbah, it gives small up-and-coming brands a chance to mix it with established names, and from what I’ve heard, a lot of brands are very happy to be on there, so everyone wins!

And now you can be a winner too, because there’s a massive sale going on all over the Kazbah. No word on when it ends, so as I always say, if you want it, get on it.

Karmaloop Kazbah


Johnny Drama demands Freedom or Death!

by Andy on September 25, 2008

I was watching Entourage last night (we’re only a week behind here in the UK, which unusually close for us) and I spotted Viking Quest’s very own Johnny Drama wearing a tee that I just knew would be on the internet somewhere…

… and I was right! The design is by Worn Free, who recreate designs that were famously worn by musical heroes from ‘back in the day’ such as such as Kurt Cobain, Debbie Harry (who I once saw stood on the street in Amsterdam – true story) and this design, which was worn by Lester Bangs, a man I first encountered when he was played by Philip Seymour Hoffman in my favourite movie of all time, Almost Famous, who was in Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.

It ain’t a cheap tee, but if you want to look like Johnny Drama then I’m pretty sure you’ve got bigger things to worry about than the amount a t-shirt costs.

Costiness=$40 Buy it here @ Worn Free

Oh, and do you like my TV? 52 glorious inches! If only ITV broadcast entourage in HD.


I can’t believe that just one week after finding a t-shirt company with ‘funny’ designs and actually liking them I’ve managed to find another, its crazy, whatever next? Enjoying a movie from the American Pie franchise that isn’t the first one?

No, no, that would be going too far. Still Anti-Clothes have have a pretty good range, and they run the gamut that runs far beyond the reaches of ‘funny’ (I’m sorry about the quotation marks, they just feel necessary when I write about ‘funny’ tees) towards the more serious end of things on the design scale too.


UPDATED: Ooops, forget to mention that you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code HIDE.


50 entries, not a bad job guys, I’m sure you’ve helped to make my four months in Philadelphia more interesting than they would have been if I were to just go off what the guide books tell me.

To find the winning number for the random prize of a $50 Threadless Gift Certificate and the ‘Animals With Eyepatches! Yes!‘ t-shirt (which recently won the Threadless Loves Lollapalooza contest), I simply used the random integer generator to pick a number between 1 and 50 (yes, there were 51 comments, but I left one of them), and the number that picked as the winner was…..


Number 41!

I’m really glad that Brian was the winner of the prize after he left such a great comment, filled with lots of (presumably) great advice, his comment was so good that I was considering giving it the second place prize of “Andy’s favourite comment,” but it would be unfair to let just one person be a winner, so I had to look at them again. I could’ve gone with Amy’s comment suggesting I visited the factory making the soft cheese, or go with Noddy, who would have had me trailing around Philly hunting for the mythical Fresh Prince of Bel Air museum (there are rumours that it can be found in West Philadelphia).

Then there was Danielle, who gave lots of excellent suggestions, even pointing out a Japanese restaurant to me, which suggests she knows a little bit about the Andy-man. She even kindly offered to hang out with me, I can’t decide whether that was out of pity or because I look good in that Russian submariner’s hat in the initial contest post! Admit it, I do look good. Congratulations Danielle, spend your $25 Threadless gift certificate wisely!

I’ll contact both winners soon to ask for their details, and thanks again to everyone who got involved, and shame on all that didn’t!


What’s new for now at Artefacture?

by Andy on September 25, 2008

Designing tees when your hoping that graphic designers will buy them must be a pretty tough task, you’re selling to people that will be judging you far more than most demographics of tee buyers. I think that Artefacture are up to task far more than most brands, and most of this line proves me right (there’s a couple of tees that I’m not jumping for joy about, I’ll let you decide which those might be).


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Mila Kunis is back on HYA once again, and this time she’s getting all political and stuff with a ‘Barack the Vote’ t-shirt, its probably a good thing I can’t vote in American elections (on account of me not living there), because I’d probably probably try and trade my vote for a date with her, I know that’s just a little bit sad and pathetic… but seriously, have you seen her!

Just for a change in these celebrity posts, I actually know where the tee comes from (shocked? me too!), although admittedly the research was almost laughably easy. If you don’t want the design as a white t-shirt, it is also available as a tank top, hoodie, even a onesie.


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