Akumu Ink: Still managing to be dark and cute at the same time

by Andy on September 4, 2008

To me, the character design on Tokyo Massacre is pretty cute, yes, she’s holding a chainsaw, but at the same time, its a pretty cute style. Maybe I’m starting to get a bit dark if I think that anyone wielding a chainsaw can be cute, please shout at me if the blog starts getting too gothy (“dudes, this glow in the glow in the dark tee would go great with my pentagram necklace, ring, and belt buckle!”).

The second design that Akumu Ink released this month looks like someone decided to put a chess board on your chest with a razor blade, and even gothy old Andy thinks that this may well be a little dark, but I do quite like it. The tee is called Shukketsu, any chance a Japanese speaker in the audience could enlighten us?

Oh, and they promise they’ll have hoodies on sale next month, huzzah!

Akumu Ink

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