Let’s Do Something Shady by Local Celebrity [Review]

by Andy on September 8, 2008

It would appear that this tee is no longer for sale on Local Celebrity‘s site, at least I can’t see it listed in either the men’s or women’s sections, so I’m afraid that there’s limited value in this review to those of you who were in the market for a tee with sunglasses on it with a silver foil print, but it does still provide a decent overview of LC and their product quality.

This design rolls along Local Celebrity’s familiar territory of tees that I think I could either love or hate based almost entirely upon the person that is wearing it. If I’m wearing it, obviously its awesome and ironic and cheeky, but if one of these guys was wearing it, I’d probably want to hit them round the face with a shovel. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I do like the subtle traffic light colourway, especially when its in the context of “let’s do something shady,” its almost as if the t-shirt defines levels of ‘shady’ and you can choose just how shady you want to be.

I do feel a bit like a broken record by now (and there’s many more tees still to come!) but Local Celebrity do make excellent t-shirts. I would be willing to question whether a t-shirt made of feathers from angel wings would be as soft as this, and you can quote me on that, in fact, I think it would be awesome if someone did. The print on this one feels exemplary as usual, although there is actually a small printing imperfection on the text at the top of this one, although I guess that since this is meant to have a bit of a vintage/retro look to it that they can get away with it more than most companies can.

Local Celebrity

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