PleaseDressMe – a search engine for t-shirts!

by Andy on September 9, 2008

I’ve read about PleaseDressMe on a few sites, and whilst the idea of a t-shirt search engine sounds a little odd to me (I don’t go hunting for tees based upon their design elements), there does seem to be a lot of people that think its a great idea, so what the hell do I know?

For a search engine like PleaseDressMe to be successful, they need to have a massive amount of t-shirts in their database. Its not fair to judge PDM on that basis yet since they’re new and obviously still adding to their database, but I do wonder if they’ll be able to get enough tees that they can return adequate results for searches that are slightly more obscure than the typical tee fodder of ‘skull’ and ‘heart’*. Tagging could be an issue too; the way I would tag a t-shirt might not be the same way that someone doing a search would tag a tee, or, more importantly, the way that PDM might tag a shirt, I guess they can combat that by tagging a tee with everything they can think of, but then there would be issues of accuracy. I don’t want to rag on the site too much though, it is well done, I can imagine it being a good way for people to find tees when they’re on the hunt for something specific, and the people behind it all know their way around the internet, so I’d imagine that whatever potential problems I can think of, they’ve thought of them too.

Please Dress Me

*Since I initially wrote this article they introduced an API (like all web 2.0 companies) and a vendor programme which will allow shops to add their own tees to the database, which will help alleviate the problem of having to add inventory themselves.


    I’ve applied for my online store to be added to the directory but because it’s not an automatic process and has to be checked/vetted by hand, this could take a few days. Interesting to see if A) I’m accepted (I believe they have some quality control) and B) if I get any increased traffic and sales from it.

  • Paul Grzymkowski

    It’s interesting to see how they executed it, considering that my approach for the same “killer idea” is a bit different. Here’s my effort:

    Besides just searching for shirts, you can browse – which some have reported likely much better. You can also rate and discuss shirts, and suggest shirts to add (whether you’re a designer or not).

  • Liam

    Thanks for the info. Isn’t there one other site that works like this? Ohh bum. I have forgotten it…and yes I have googled for it :)

  • Beaster

    Hi, good point on the tagging-problem. but how would you deal with this problem, since there are a lot of t-shirts around that aren’t bandshirts, that already have a specific name, that people search for…? if you tag a tee with “skull” then you’ll probably get thousands of tees, but none you were searching for in the first place…

    shirtseek does that thing a bit better, teenormous too, but there isn’t any one that does is right! or is there a “perfect” t-shirt seach engine site?

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