Pretend to be me and get 15% off at Allmightys!

by Andy on September 11, 2008

As if I didn’t love them enough already, Allmightys have gone and created an exclusive account for fans of HYA. If you log in with the username of hya and password of teelove you will get 15% off whatever you order. How cool is that?

I’m sure that some of you might be a bit concerned about using the same login since you’ll be putting your credit card information on the site, but your details will not be kept on their server and will not be seen by anyone else using the special HYA login. I haven’t been told about any kind of a time limit on this deal, so I can only presume that it’ll be around for a while, but there’s plenty of great tees in their inventory at the moment, so why not grab a tee or two with the hya login sooner rather than later, or perhaps you could wait until their typetastic competition has run before making an order?


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