Prez Dispenser from Tcritic (yes, that Tcritic)

by Andy on September 12, 2008

And in other news a snake was recently spotted eating its own tail.

Yup, Karl from Tcritic has gone and started his own line, called the Tcritic artist series, which, much like Tcritic itself, aims to “find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar.” I like the concept behind it, it really does follow on from what Karl does on a daily basis, he found the artist for the first tee at the Renegade Art Fair in San Fransisco (by the way, Renegade Chicago is going on this weekend) and asked him on the spot if he would like to turn his design into a t-shirt.

The design itself is actually based upon a linocut (though I think the tee is screenprinted), a medium which I thought people stopped using many moons ago, but I quite like the way that it adds a certain DIY kind of feel to the design, which I think really works well when paired up with a politically themed tee.

Costiness=$24 Buy it here (read Karl’s own description here)

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