HYA x Threadless Loves x Philadelphia Contest Winners!

by Andy on September 25, 2008

50 entries, not a bad job guys, I’m sure you’ve helped to make my four months in Philadelphia more interesting than they would have been if I were to just go off what the guide books tell me.

To find the winning number for the random prize of a $50 Threadless Gift Certificate and the ‘Animals With Eyepatches! Yes!‘ t-shirt (which recently won the Threadless Loves Lollapalooza contest), I simply used the random integer generator to pick a number between 1 and 50 (yes, there were 51 comments, but I left one of them), and the number that random.org picked as the winner was…..


Number 41!

I’m really glad that Brian was the winner of the prize after he left such a great comment, filled with lots of (presumably) great advice, his comment was so good that I was considering giving it the second place prize of “Andy’s favourite comment,” but it would be unfair to let just one person be a winner, so I had to look at them again. I could’ve gone with Amy’s comment suggesting I visited the factory making the soft cheese, or go with Noddy, who would have had me trailing around Philly hunting for the mythical Fresh Prince of Bel Air museum (there are rumours that it can be found in West Philadelphia).

Then there was Danielle, who gave lots of excellent suggestions, even pointing out a Japanese restaurant to me, which suggests she knows a little bit about the Andy-man. She even kindly offered to hang out with me, I can’t decide whether that was out of pity or because I look good in that Russian submariner’s hat in the initial contest post! Admit it, I do look good. Congratulations Danielle, spend your $25 Threadless gift certificate wisely!

I’ll contact both winners soon to ask for their details, and thanks again to everyone who got involved, and shame on all that didn’t!

  • Dan

    Nice pick! Brian is a truly righteous dude and would never steer you wrong in Philly.

  • Noddy

    Congrats to Brian!

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