Johnny Drama demands Freedom or Death!

by Andy on September 25, 2008

I was watching Entourage last night (we’re only a week behind here in the UK, which unusually close for us) and I spotted Viking Quest’s very own Johnny Drama wearing a tee that I just knew would be on the internet somewhere…

… and I was right! The design is by Worn Free, who recreate designs that were famously worn by musical heroes from ‘back in the day’ such as such as Kurt Cobain, Debbie Harry (who I once saw stood on the street in Amsterdam – true story) and this design, which was worn by Lester Bangs, a man I first encountered when he was played by Philip Seymour Hoffman in my favourite movie of all time, Almost Famous, who was in Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.

It ain’t a cheap tee, but if you want to look like Johnny Drama then I’m pretty sure you’ve got bigger things to worry about than the amount a t-shirt costs.

Costiness=$40 Buy it here @ Worn Free

Oh, and do you like my TV? 52 glorious inches! If only ITV broadcast entourage in HD.

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