What’s new for now at Artefacture?

by Andy on September 25, 2008

Designing tees when your hoping that graphic designers will buy them must be a pretty tough task, you’re selling to people that will be judging you far more than most demographics of tee buyers. I think that Artefacture are up to task far more than most brands, and most of this line proves me right (there’s a couple of tees that I’m not jumping for joy about, I’ll let you decide which those might be).


  • http://www.artefacture.com Chris Jablonski

    Thanks for the commentary Andy! Yeah, with this line, we push the envelope esoterically, but most of our fans still get it and the reception has been great.

    What’s even newer than now, let me mention, will be us offering shirts from Design Observer! This partnership further reinforces our place in the design community. Check our site again soon: http://www.artefacture.com

    Christopher Jablonski
    Co-founder and VP of Marketing

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