Draw Limited turn doodles into tees

by Andy on September 29, 2008

Well, here’s a novel concept, a t-shirt company that think everyone is an artist. I think they realise that not everyone is the next Rothko or Mozart, but they might be on to something with this idea that ‘everyone doodles’. I guess that’s true to one extent or another, and it actually works surprisingly well as the basis for a clothing line.

Despite the whole “everyone is an artist” thing, their first range of tees shows a lot more doodling talent that you’d find on the writing-pad next to my telephone, and the 3 tees are all pretty cool. Each range (released every few months) is based upon a theme, and the first theme was ‘monsters’ which always provides excellent fodder for designers. I don’t think that there’s actually any kind of prize for people that submit their doodles (although even designs that don’t become a tee get shown off in their gallery), but I really like the old-school way that to submit your artwork your have to send it via snail mail, after all, its hardly a doodle if you’ve done it in Adobe Illustrator!

Draw Limited

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    tis is a really cool website

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