The Private hoodie by Jedidiah at Hoodie People

by Andy on October 2, 2008

How on Earth did I not know that there is a store out there that only sells hoodies? I’m Andy the hoodie guy, I know I’m not the only person that writes about hoodies anymore, but still, I’d like to think that I keep on top of these things.

Anywho, Hoodie People don’t have a massive range yet, but what they’ve got is pretty cool and they seem to be keeping prices fairly low too, so check ‘em out.

Costiness=$39.86 Buy it at Hoodie People *Apparently this item is coming up as being $79 for some people, but you can get 10% off with the coupon code grandopening2008 which should ease the pain somewhat.

  • tim

    Erm? Costiness = $79, unless you have some sort of secret discount you’d like to tell us about. Cool store though.

  • Jeff

    Awesome! I am diggin the hoodie. Wish it came in charcoal or black.

  • Popo

    Yeah it appears as 79 on the site. Love it though.

  • Andy

    Hmmmm, very curious, I’ve just checked it again and it still comes up as $39 for me, though it does say “price excludes taxes” so maybe the price is lower for me because I’m in the UK and we don’t pay a US sales tax?

  • Derek

    nice looking hoodie when its unzipped. too bad there aren’t any other colors available.

  • Joe Wasserman

    Maybe it’s £39? It’s coming up as $79 for me, too. It definitely looks more like a $79 hoodie than a $39 hoodie.

  • Andy

    Just as a quick proof that I’m not making this up (and I don’t believe any of you are either, because that would be a very odd conspiracy) here’s a screengrab I took a few minutes ago.

    Free Image Hosting at

    I’ve just twittered Hooide People to see what the situation is.

  • Hasan Luongo

    Hello Andy and HideYorArms people,

    First off, thanks so much for highlighting our site and checking out our selection of fresh hoodies.

    To clarify on the price, I’m not sure where the 39.00 price came from but $79.00 is the correct price. Sorry for any confusion on that.

    This hoodie is a hot seller and is absolutely killer, amazing details and design, great fit, and super comfy.

    We just updated our inventory and have a bunch more in stock. As Andy mentioned use coupon code: grandopening2008
    Save you 10% instantly. We also updated our international shipping options and have great flat rate pricing for most countries.

    Contact me with any questions:, twitter: @hoodiepeople

    One Love.

  • Andy

    Thanks for clearing all that up Hasan!

  • Ruben

    This is awesome, I have a hoodie similar to this, love the design.Will go check out the design.. hope they still have it.

  • jedidiah usa

    Hey, we thought you might be interested in hearing that Jedidiah Clothing has a cool new Community Project Series site to support our humanitarian partners through stories, art, and community. You can go to to make a profile, vote on t-shirts, submit stories, and support our partners. Thanks for your support!

  • Hasan Luongo

    Jedidiah Private hoodie is back for Fall 2009. Massively popular Private hoodie by Jedidiah Clothing available first at

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