Respect Your Mother (Earth) by Local Celebrity [Review]

by Andy on October 7, 2008

The funny thing about this tee is that its not just worn by Local Celebrities, its worn by actual celebrities, like Hayden Panettiere, American Idol winner (right?) carrie Underwood, Spencer Pratt, Stacey Keibler, Andrew Bowness, and many more. Fair enough, after Hayden Panettiere that list is hardly filled with global megastars (though Pratt may have a good year in 2010 – the year of the douchebag), but its fair to say that when you’re wearing this tee then it does come with some genuine bonafide celebrity credibility.

This tee isn’t a case of green-washing either, I had wrongly presumed that since the rest of the Local Celebrity catalogue was made up of tees that you’re more likely to find in a frat house than a drum circle that this design would have its heart in the right place, but basically just be a regular t-shirt. Happily, I’m very wrong, the tee itself is organic, and proceeds from the tee (I’m not sure how much per sale) go to a charity called Global Green USA, who are apparently Hollywood’s favourite green organisation, and celebrities are always harping on about how much they do for the environment, so Global Green must be good!

As I mentioned in the last paragraph this tee isn’t like the many, many other Local Celebrity tees that I’ve reviewed over the past few weeks (and last year), its organic, which is nice, but it feels exactly the same as a regular tee from LC. I think that’s a good thing, it helps the planet in a small way (or harms it less, at least), and has pretty much no impact upon the feel and longevity of the shirt, everybody wins!

Costiness=$28 Men buy it here/Women buy it here

  • Local Celebrity

    Just fyi, we’ve donated over $30,000 to environmental causes just from sales of this shirt. So, to all who’ve bought this shirt and supported this campaign, THANKS!!

    Local Celebrity

  • Richard Wegman

    From Global Green USA, we love Local Celebrity! Hi Don!

  • Kevin

    Wow! Over 30,000 in donations, very cool. Great tees

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