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by Andy on October 7, 2008

[It has been raining rather a lot recently, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing many more tees photographed on the lawn for a while, which is a pity]

If you’re getting sick of the election campaigning, which seems to have been going on few at least fifty years now (and I am not exaggerating, at all), you might find the designs that are on sale at Retro Campaigns refreshing. As you may imagine from the name of the brand, they sell t-shirts that were designed for election campaigns from ‘back in the day’. Some of the people featured are star political names like Bobby Kennedy here, and some are less known like Barry Goldwater (I presume, I’d barely heard of him before, maybe he’s a big name in the US). I think there might also be a few designs in the shop that are based on political campaigns rather than from the actual campaigns themselves.

It feels odd to judge a design that was created well before I was born, but I really like it. I love the way that the vintage look of the tee makes it somehow more honest than political tees that we see today. The tees with the Obama logo on it just look so polished to me that its more like they’re a souvenir that you pick up in a gift shop rather than something that people wear in the interests of political activism. I’m not saying that campaign tees today should all be dipped in a vintage wash, technology has moved on and I’d probably have written a post about lame a political tee was if sold in this style by the Democrats of Republicans, but for some reason I find this tee more inspiring than whatever is officially released by the parties in this election.

As is the fashion, let’s talk quality. Again, as is the fashion, the tee itself is an American Apparel blank, so I presume that the vast majority of readers know what that’s all about (sizes run a little small, fairly long, soft, company run by a strange, strange man). Print quality is great, very soft, and the vintage look is so good that you may even be forgiven for thinking that the tee is ‘vintage’ rather than ‘vintage look’. In your package from Retro Campaigns you are also sent a pin button (not pictured, I only found it in the envelope after the photoshoot), a mini-catalogue, and also a couple of sheets of biographical information about the candidate your tee is based on, which I think is a nice little touch. Oh, and even their invoices are cool.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at Retro Campaigns

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