Woodburners coat by Sitka from Hoodie People

by Andy on October 10, 2008

Okay, I’m going to try again with hoodie People (the people who sells hoodies), hopefully this time I’ll get the price right!

I love, love, love the brass clips closures that go over zip on this coat, they really add something to the overall look of this coat, I don’t know why, but I feel like the brass makes the coat seem as if would keep me warmer than if they weren’t there, enough though I know that makes no sense at all. The braided leather hood drawstring is a nice touch too.

Costiness=$143 (although when I bring it up in FireFox it tells me $72.14) Buy it at Hoodie People

  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan Luongo

    thanks for checking out the woodburner, we love this hoodie jacket and brand as well, so fresh. i think your cost diffs are coming from currency conversions. $143 US, 72.14 GBP. we also dropped some dope sitka mens hoodies last night, so check those out as well.

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  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan Luongo


    we did some updates to hoodiepople.com over the weekend and fixed the pricing problems for good. Now all prices are show with the correct currency icon, so there is no confusion for international shoppers. let me know if that fixes the pricing issue you experienced last week.

  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan

    peeps, just a quick fyi, if your wanting to grab this awesome hoodie coat, we only have 2 more in stock and Sitka (designer) is sold out, so just in case you might want to snap it up.

  • Henry

    Reminds me of the Burberry check.:)

  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan Luongo

    Hello Henry, just checked out your blog, pretty awesome, would love to connect with you to share a link, check us out at http://www.hoodiepeople.com, hoodiepeople.com/blog, and on twitter @hoodiepeople. lets connect bro.

  • http://www.hoodyblog.co.uk Henry

    Hey Hasan,

    Thanks for stopping by. I was surprised that you managed to find my url hidden in the smiley face! ( a little trick I use to get back links…sneaky I know).

    I discovered my site looks a bit naff in internet explorer and have been neglecting it since :(

    Ive added your site at http://www.hoodyblog.co.uk/links


  • http://www.hoodiepeople.com Hasan Luongo

    thanks for the reply, i didnt see the link to hoodiepeople.com on the hoodyblog.co.uk, let me know if thats up, and thanks so much, I will also link back of course.

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