Say Hello To Electric Threads Corp

by Andy on October 14, 2008

[At the time of posting this, hopefully I’m on a ferry between England and France, so please excuse the lack of commentary]

Here’s a brand that I found on Emptees:

The whole reason I started Electric Threads Corp. was because I had always enjoyed drawing and sketching, but the thing is I wanted to take that and turn it into something more. So one day I came up with the idea of putting my drawings and ideas on to clothing to sell to people to wear. A simple idea was all it took to start this.
So far I make all my shirts myself with my sister in my tiny shed and my screen printing equipment :P. I hope one day I can take Electric Threads Corp. and turn it into a huge thriving business. Who knows maybe someday I can use this to help the world or create a huge following. All I know for now is that i’m gonna dream big and go for it!

Electric Threads Corp.

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