A Photee by 410BC [Reviews]

by Andy on October 23, 2008

I don’t want to be a tease with this shirt, so I’m going to lead with this; I don’t think this shirt is actually for sale anymore, or perhaps it was never available, or maybe it is going to be released in the future, all I know is that it is not available in their store at the time of writing this post. The tee arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago, but since I’ve had this whole France thing going on I haven’t had much time to clear the backlog of tees to review, so I’m really sorry if it was for sale when I first received the tee, but maybe if you really, really like it, and enough of you ask for a reprint the 410BC crew will print a few off, or maybe not since their latest collection of tees has gone a in a different, wolf-loving direction.

I really like the idea of tee designs that are based upon photographs, but only when they’re done ‘right’. By ‘right’, I mean pretty much the way 410BC have executed this tee, not an iron-on of a poorly taken photo being worn by a group of guys drunkenly ambling through Prague on a stag weekend. Admittedly, I think that 410BC’s I-Fell Tower tee works better than this New York based one, but this one works pretty well too. It’s kind of like a New York souvenir shirt, but instead of having night images of well manicured landmarks, we’re treated to seeing the reality of New York.

As I alluded to in the above paragraph, it is pretty easy for a photo-tee (photee?) to go very wrong when it comes to quality, but since the photo used by 410BC is black and white they are able to use a regular printing process (possibly with water-based ink, you can’t feel the print on the tee), so they’ve managed to avoid those potential problems. I’m not entirely sure what the stock tee is that they’re using since they have their own hang tag in the back of the tee, but like a wise man once said, if it looks like American Apparel, it’s cut like American Apparel, and it feels like American Apparel, it may very well be American Apparel.

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