Avril Lavigne is… smiling?

by Andy on October 27, 2008

Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Avril Lavigne is definitely a friend of the hoodie, and I’ve featured her a lot on Hide Your Arms because of that, but usually in those posts she isn’t looking particularly happy (and you probably wouldn’t either with a camera lens in your face whenever you left the house), so its nice to see her actually smiling in a picture.

I’ve got no idea where the tiger print hoodie is from, but I’ve found with my previous Avril posts that her army of fans usually end up letting me know via the comments.

  • Westworld

    This little fraud is doing a Canon camera commercial now. Too bad for Canon no one will buy the camera with her peddling it. She’s obviously no rebel.

  • http://avrillavigne.bloggergirl.com Bloggergirl

    I had a meet & greet with Avril right after she did the Canon Canada press event referred to by the above commenter…

    And not only was Avril extremely friendly and cool when I met her, but I also got a gift bag from Avril and Canon that included one of their new ELPH cameras, the other model shown in Avril’s commercials. And I can confirm the ELPH camera is awesome! :)

    …And not sure what the above commenters problem is with Avril – exactly how is she a fraud?

    Avril is one of the most successful female singers (last I heard, she’s had the most #1 songs of any female artist in the 21st Century) while also giving a lot of her time and talent for charities around the World. For instance, just this month she was honoured in China for the time and gifts she gave to children injured or orphaned in the earthquake disaster earlier this year.

    Plus Avril definitely was a rebel in her early career, and still is in many ways, so just because she doesn’t fit your image of James Dean or Marlon Brando doesn’t mean she isn’t considered a rebel by others.

    ~ Courtney

  • jen

    wait… Avril has fans?

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