Art + Activism + Organic, Ethically-made t-shirts = Artevist

by Andy on October 31, 2008

Artevist is a community where artists can come together to share their ideas on BIG issues and create wearable art with meaning and purpose. The BIG issues can be local or global (everything is related) and they can span themes such as: AIDS, climate change, consumerism, extinction, human rights and pollution. It’s also a place where nonprofit organizations and artists meet, and produce work that helps spread their message to a larger audience.

I can’t decide if these guys are new or not, because I am 100% sure that I’ve seen Ian Leino’s bicycle design (the red tee) before, but they say that they’ve just launched. Who knows, I guess it doesn’t matter whilst there’s activism to be getting on with.


  • Eric

    Thanks Andrew for the post.

    For everyone’s information: Artevist launched at the beginning of the year and we’ve been building our collection of designs since then. It’s possible some of our designs have already been promoted by their respective artists on sites such as this.

    Our Online Store went live in October and we’ll be choosing between 1-3 designs a month as our member base builds.

    Our thanks to those artists that have participated so far and who have believed in the Artevist concept.

    Eric Wilson

  • detoxdietlady

    every food that we eat should come from Organic Farming. i really get scared about those toxins coming from chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. I only eat foods which are certified that they are organically grown

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