Form Matters by Artefacture [Review]

by Andy on November 1, 2008

There’s something about artefacture’s text tees, I don’t think I can really put my finger on it, I can’t work out why a text tee that is so simple can end up being so effective. I guess that on a basic level you could say that these are text tees ‘done right’, but there does seem to be something more to it than that. I’m not a designer, so I can’t get too deep into truly understanding why ‘form matters’, I feel as if all the design people are having a meeting about form and I’m peeking over a fence trying to work out what they mean, but its probably safe to say that it has something to do with designs continuing work in attempting to save the world.

I know that there are people out there that don’t care for Artefacture’s design series, the text/slogan-based tees aimed squarely at designers, they find them a bit pretentious, and I can understand why. A text tee with a message on it like this just begs to be judged, you can’t really look at it and remain entirely neutral. Something that always intrigues me about Artefacture is that they make tees that are intended to be sold to the design community. I imagine that designing tees for designers is about as nerve-wracking as when the guy in Dominos notices that the next pizza he’s making up is being delivered to Mr. G. Ramsay or Mr. A. Bourdain, if you fail then you’re going to be panned by your own peers, but if they like it, well, its going to make success taste all that much sweeter, isn’t it?

One area where I feel Artefacture couldn’t possible be accused of failing in is the quality of their garments. The blank tee is by American Apparel, so you know the drill; it feels good, lasts well, and is cut slightly slimmer than a ‘normal’ tee. I like the little touch of the red hang tag in the back of the tee with just the name on it, that looks cool (even if the AA tag behind it ruins the effect a bit), and its nice to get a tee delivered in a clear plastic bag too, it makes it feel fresher somehow.

Costiness=$28 Buy it from Artefacture

  • Chris Jablonski


    Very good points and pretty much spot on. There are countless non-designers who think like designers and very muck like our tees too. For example, there are artists like San Francisco-based Chris Stokes who own handfuls of our shirts.

    We ultimately look to achieve beauty through simplicity. Our graphics are portals for the deep cognitive mind, where balance, order, and timelessness can be appreciated. :)

    One final point, we do have–for a limited time–free shipping on all orders.

    Chris Jablonski

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