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by Andy on November 4, 2008

Aww man, if there’s something I love Threadless for (other than being one of the brands that inspired me enough to start HYA), it’s their product pictures. Even if you have no intention of buying any of the tees in the gallery, you gotta check them out so that you can see product photos ‘done right’.

Pretty good week for tees too, the big T has been impressing me recently with their picks, after I’d gone off them slightly a few months back. My favourite for the week is Olly Moss’ “Now Panic and Freak Out“, which is of course based upon a British war-time propaganda public service information poster that also did the rounds last year as a tee. With most of the Threadless crowd being American (or the largest national group, presumably), the historic context might be slightly lost on them, but that doesn’t stop it being clever and funny.

In other Threadless news, they’ve partnered up with the Rhode Island School of Design to have their first ever guest-curated theme to the Threadless Select Series. I do believe this is the first time they’ve ever had a theme, or a series to the Select range, but it should be pretty cool. The whole thing is going to be unveiled in a couple of days, but if you want to get the scoop early, including hearing about the $15,000 donation that Threadless are donating to the School’s scholarship fund, I’ve uploaded the press release to Google Docs.


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