Vans x Boost Mobile Jacket

by Andy on November 4, 2008

In collaboration with Boosted, Vans Outerwear is proud to introduce the Vans x Boosted Program. Designed for fast and easy communication on the mountain, the program is available in the Grunt Insulated LTD Jacket and the Down Supreme LTD Jacket. The jackets are embedded with Boosted branded Bluetooth technology that seamlessly links your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and favorite MP3 device. The stereo headset allows for convenient use on your mobile phone while listening to your favorite tracks, without interrupting your ride.

How cool is that? I know that there are other brands out there that have put bluetooth technology into their jackets before, but I still think its really cool, and a nice looking jacket too. I’ve haven;t snowboarded much before, so I’m probably not the best to judge, but how often do people make calls when they’re on the slopes? I guess that using it to play mp3s would be pretty awesome when you’re snowboarding though.

Vans x Boost Mobile Jacket

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