Say Hello to Children

by Andy on November 6, 2008

CHILDREN was founded by Rob Flate, a DJ and artist born and raised in LA. The name CHILDREN represents expansion, growth and change.

There’s a new street culture where the lines between peoples’ styles, musical tastes and artistic sensibilities have blurred. CHILDREN is designed to celebrate that growth while keeping a foot planted in the style of the original great streetwear designers.

CHILDREN rides the line between pop and underground, mainstream and anti-establishment. The designs are inspired by music, LA lifestyle, and streetwear culture. CHILDREN strives to be hip enough to wear, original enough to stand out and classic enough to stick around.

I really wanted to like this brand when I read the e-mail from them, but I’m afraid that the designs just aren’t the kind of thing that excite me. All the designs work pretty well as tees, there’s nothing blowing me away at the moment, but I can see a lot of promise and the people behind the brand certainly seem very passionate, so hopefully I’ll have a more positive review next time I see something from Children.


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