Tea Stain leaves a mark

by Andy on November 12, 2008

You know I love a good pun, and Tea Stain certainly is a good pun. Here’s their background:

Tea Stain Clothing began one sunny summer day, not too long ago. Unsatisfied with loud designs and over-the-top clothing, they took a stand. They decided to provide an alternative to the frenzied designs dominating the marketplace. They believe: Your favorite shirt should not make you a walking billboard. People should have a stylish alternative to the $80 t-shirt. Clothing should not distract from what is most important… the person wearing it. Thus, Tea Stain Clothing was born. In ancient times tea staining was a method of bringing subtle color change to garments. Tea Stain Clothing uses the same subtle approach in design. They design each style with our mission in mind, ensuring our clothes are fun, comfortable and fashionable.

It’s true, their designs certainly aren’t too loud, and the colourways aren’t crazy, but they do sell some well put together tees, and its great to see them giving some money to charity as well.

Tea Stain Clothing

  • http://www.markdefrates.com Pamela Daley

    Wow! Super boring; generic……yawn….I can’t stay awake enough to even comment any more…oh yeah..and expensive and pretentious! I guess I don’t like them :)

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