Say Hello to Ink Hound

by Andy on November 17, 2008

Are you aware of this? There are t-shirt websites where people submit their ‘designs’ and then there is a ‘competition’ in which people vote, and the winners have their design produced, gaining fame and fortune in the process? Crazy, I can’t believe no one thought of it before.

Ink Hound set themselves apart in a number of ways. They offer fitted hats as well as t-shirts (I’m sure there’s a hat design competition out there, anyone remember it?). A new design goes on sale every 2-3 days, the artist earns $2 per sale, and once it has sold out, its gone, and the rights to the artwork go back to the designer. They’re using organic soy-based inks and organic tees too. Ink Hound seem to be ticking all the boxes don’t they? Oh, and they give a portion of each sale to charity too.

Ink Hound

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