And the winner is… [Competitions]

by Andy on November 17, 2008


To be frank, I was surprised at some of the guesses that you guys left for the “guess how many times I fill up the van whilst driving back from France” competition. I think the highest one was 17. I don’t want to poke fun, but since it was a 1200ish mile journey, that would have meant I’d be stopping at a petrol station pretty much every 70 miles, which is more than once an hour… which is just silly.

The actual number was even lower than I had expected, there were a few entries for 6 stops, and I thought they were probably going to be right (in which case I had the tiebreaker ready: “how many cans of Red Bull-style energy drink did I cosume to stop myself falling asleep at the wheel and becoming another statistic of France’s poor road safety record?”). But, in reality, the amount of fill-ups was even lower than that. It was…


I think I might have even been able to make it on three, but you never want to push things too far. There was only one person to correctly guess/calculate that was Alex, so he will be the recipient of a $25 gift certificate from our friends over at Split Reason.

  • Alex

    Woo! I picked it because it was the lowest number that wasn’t picked. Go figure. Thanks!

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