Self Harm by Chateau Roux [Reviews]

by Andy on November 19, 2008

Here is the last of the three tees that Chateau Roux sent me a month or so ago. If you’re wondering why I haven’t yet mentioned their packaging, its because I have deemed it nice enough to have a post dedicated purely to the packaging, which will be coming up sometime in the near future, unless I forget, in which case it just probably won’t turn up.

As you can probably tell from the text on the te, this design is from the ‘self harm’ range that has been getting the Chateau Roux crew into a little trouble lately. The name of the range does not refer to people that unfortunately decide that cutting themselves is the only way to get some control in their life, instead, it just means that the buyer can take the DIY approach to giving these tees a bit of roughed up action with a piece of sand paper (also known as ‘glass paper’, as I learned in France) that is supplied with each tee. I still haven’t dared attack the tee, but that’s because I’ve got no balls and even less talent, so I’m afraid of ruining a very nice shirt, but its still a very cool concept, and they’ve clearly created each design with destroying them in mind.

As always, the quality level is exceptional, I know that they spent a long time in their early days sourcing and creating a tee that they felt was just right, and I think they can be justifiably proud of their quality level. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it considerable damage with some sandpaper and whatever other implement you can find in your house to truly make your tee unique.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Chateau Roux

  • Chachu Clothing

    First look, kinda doubted the design, but its started to grow on me because I haven’t seen anything like it before.

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