4 New Hoodies from Tolky Monkys… you NEED to look at these.

by Andy on November 24, 2008

I got an e-mail from Nestor over at Tolky Monkys about some new hoodies that they’ve got on sale, and I just expected to find their regular designs has been transferred over to a hoodie. That would have been perfectly fine, its what most people do, but TM decided to put a little bit more effort in and have come up with this absolutely awesome collection of hoodies based on three new characters, with a re-editing of an older one called Hikiko Pacman.

Perhaps I’m going a little bit overboard with the hyerbole, but I am seriously impressed with this collection of hoodies, hell, I might even buy one myself.

Check out all four hoodies here and weigh in at under €50 a piece, and click through to the gallery for a boatload of pictures.

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