Bar Trekkin’ by Go Ape Shirts [Review]

by Andy on November 24, 2008

Much like my last review, you can’t actually buy this one either (sorry, again), but this time it isn’t because the tee being limited edition, it’s because Go Ape Shirts got a friendly letter from CBS, who own the copyright to Star Trek, asking them to stop selling the tee. To me, this is quite clearly a parody, and there are lots of shirts out there for sale that are far more blatantly ripping the intellectual property of Star Trek, but Goliath tends to beat David in these situations, which is why I ended up receiving one of these tees. Even if you can’t buy this tee, it does serve as a good reminder that Go Ape consistently release some fantastic designs and have the print quality to do them justice.

Go Ape Shirts

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