23 Celebrities wearing a variety of t-shirts!

by Andy on December 5, 2008

I was just emptying out all the tee pics from my HYA folder (there was more than a thousand, and I only emptied it a month or two ago!), when I noticed that I’d got a load of celebrity pics on there again. Rather than Give them all individual posts, I thought I’d just do a big megapost, since you were probably feeling a bit clean after those last two charity posts anyway.

I’m not even going to attempt to find out where you can buy these tees. You know why? Because it is Friday, and I’ve owned one of these super-fast luge/snow sleds for four years and I think I might actually get to play on it for the first time. Of course, if you want to enlighten us all in the comments about a buying location then you are very welcome.

I get the feeling I might have posted this picture of Zac Efron in my last celebrity extravaganza, but its a pretty cool tee so let’s just pretend that’s why I’m reposting it. I’m pretty sure it’s made by Nike.

I have no clue who Kendra Wilkinson is, but I found this shot on a celeb blog, so she must be famous! The tee is by Orisis.

I guess I probably should have put this shot of Vanessa Hudgens straight after the one of Zac Efron (see, I know pop culture!). I actually remembered seeing this tee on the Urban Outfitters site, but I’m afraid it has sold out, who knows, it might come back in stock.

What kind of a celebrity megapost would this be if I didn’t post a picture of Britney Spears wearing a hoodie (that’s probably made by Primp)?

Here’s a photo of Paris Hilton wearing a sweater with some candy on it, which according to the photo’s alt title makes it Christmassy, so, y’know, hurrah Christmas!

Ahh, Miley Cyrus, I’m afraid of writing anything about her in case it turns into a scandal…

Is it just me, or is Kelly Clarkson one of those people that you just can’t hate, but at the same time, can’t really love either? Still, I’d imagine she’ll go up in a few people’s estimations for wearing a Janis Joplin tee.

Josh Hartnet, now there’s a guy that I’ve thought was cool ever since I watched The Faculty, but I’m afraid he’s just dropped a rung on my ‘ladder of respect’ by wearing a tee that has a business on it that isn’t a real business, stop with your lies Hartnett!

Ahh, Jodie Marsh, proof, if it was ever needed, that we Brits truly are the classiest nation on Earth. To Americans that don’t know who Jodie Marsh is, don’t Google her name at work, you’ll probably get fired, and you’ll probably feel a bit ashamed of yourself.

Pete Wentz, there’s a guy that has done pretty well for himself. Despite being a bassist he’s managed to be the most famous member of Fall Out Boy, got married to a Simpson, runs his own clothing line (Clandestine Industries, who presumably make the hoodie he’s wearing) and has just given his new baby the ri-goddam-diculous name of Bronx Mowgli.

I love the way that Kim Kardashian knows that as soon as she leaves the house the paps are going to be following her, so she might as well use it as a promo opportunity. She, and the rest of the Kardashian family wore ‘vote Kim’ tees when she was in Dancing with the Stars. From what I remember she went out pretty early, so I guess the tactic didn’t work out so great.

Here is Pete Wentz again, this time sporting a mid-90s style tee with a cartoony-looking print of the Chicage Bulls on it.

Ashley Tisdale looks fairly pissed off at the paparazzi for taking this picture, but do you what I’m pissed off about Ashley? People who obscure the bejeweled slogan of their hoodie with their over-pampered pooch, dogs have legs for a reason their don’t need to be carried around in a bag!

Here’s another celeb that most Americans won’t recognise, it’s British glamour model/frequent reality show contest Danielle Lloyd, wearing a tee that I do believe was in support of an entry to the Eurovision song contest… even though she wasn’t entering.

We’ve already had Britney in a hoodie in this post, so here she is in a vest with what appears to be a woman holding a pistol on it with the words ‘no pushover’ written above it. Britney was never one for subtlety was she? Also, apparently not a fan of bras.

Another vest photo? Straight after the Britney one? It’s almost like I plan this stuff! Gemma Atkinson is another person that I doubt American readers will recognise, but she is a former Hollyoaks actress and now a model. Interesting fact: I almost ran her over in my car as she and her former cast mates were drunkenly crossing a road after they went to a nightclub in my area.

In this photo we can see the usually camera-shy Pamela Anderson and her near comedically large breasts once again showing that she is a staunch supporter of the PeTA organisation.

Okay, this is the last Britney shot, and I’m amazed that this is the only one which shows her addiction to Starbucks. The tee is quite cool too, though celebs should always be careful when wearing burnout tees, you never know what the flash bulb might illuminate.

I think someone needs to tell Jennifer Love Hewitt that she could do with buying a size down. See media, this is what you get when you call someone fat!

There’s something not right about this tee… it’s not that Lindsay Lohan is wearing a tee with a band on it that she probably isn’t a fan of (though that definitely “ain’t right”)… it’s something far more unusual. Aha! It’s that Lindsay Lohan is actually working on a set!

Ahh, thanks to people like mega-cute Mila Kunis America now has a President the world respects, rather than one that put air-quotes around womens “health”.

Again, I have no idea who Aubrey O’Day is, but she was on a celeb blog wearing this oversized t-shirt /dress, and I just felt compelled to save it in case she actually became famous at some point in the future.

You can probably tell that this isn’t the newest photo of Christina Aguilera on account of her still having a small person growing inside her, still, its unusual to see a woman wearing maternity clothes that you wish were available for non-pregnant people.

Yes, I know, Lindsay Lohan, again, and she’s working, again, what on Earth is going on with this girl? Where’s the train wreck?

This time around she’s wearing a tee that celebrates her love of Boston… the band, not the city.

Here’s Avril Lavigne *almost* managing to smile whilst wearing a hoodie that looks like pretty much everything else she wears, but I still like.

Sophie Monk is another of those people that I know if famous, but I don’t realy know why, I keep being told she’s an actress, but if that’s the case, why do I never see her on TV or in movies?

Would I be right in thinking that Pink was initially called Pink when she burst onto the music scene, and if that’s the case, what should she be called now? Great tee though, I really like it.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Celeb blogging is hard guys, I don’t know if I’d be able to keep up this level of being a bitch if I were to do this more often. I’ve put all these photos (and a few more) into a gallery if you want to see them larger.

  • http://www.assaultshirts.com tim

    It seems like alot of the celebs that wear t-shirts are c-listers, or they’re the ones on the tail end of their 15 minutes of fame…

    haha–or they just look like shit!

  • mike.m.

    wo hop is a real place, amazing place in china town NYC. run by three brothers that are all there 24 hours a day… they scare me but the place is amazing.


    pretty easy to find that it’s a real place, i mean the address is on the shirt.

  • Andy

    All is forgiven josh hartnett! Thanks for exposing my ignorance, it just looked like one of those ‘fake place’ tees so I decided to run with it.

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