A Long List of T-Shirt Sales & Deals… again

by Andy on December 12, 2008

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[This picture is just to prove that I do leave the house sometimes and don’t just blog about clothes] You’d have thought that Black Friday would have been the high point for sales, but I think my inbox has actually been seeing more hot sale action than ever before over the past week or so. If I wrote a post about every deal I think I’d still be writing about them after Christmas, so instead of that, what follows will be an orgy of savings.

  • Random Shirts: They’ve marked all their regular tees down to $8 until Christmas, I think the discount gets added to your cart once you start the checkout process.
  • The Cotton Factory: This deal ends tonight at midnight (unknown timezone), use the coupon code REVENGEOFHOLIDAZE and you’ll get 10% off your order
  • Urban Retro: Up until Wednesday December 18th you can get 20% off clothes at UR by using the coupon code FASHION20.
  • XLarge: Get 10% off at XLarge by using the coupon code iheartxl. Unknown end date, all their hats seem to be 20% off at the moment too.
  • Spicy Brown: If you’re in the mood for some Japanese-inspired designs and want 25% off them, use the coupon code holiday08 before December 19th and you’ll get just that. Also, free shipping on order over $75.
  • Bean Dip Clothing: The BD crew are offering free shipping, presumably until Christmas, as it is their holiday offer.
  • Social-T: A t-shirt subscription makes a pretty good gift (a random, limited edition tee sent to you every month), and if you sign up now you get a free trucker hat.
  • ThinkGeek: This one is more than just tees, but TG are pretty much a one-stop shop for buying gifts for the special nerd in your life. Up until December 14th, you can get free shipping (in the continental U.S.) when you spend more than $40, by using the coupon code SHIPFREE.
  • Amorphia / Wear Science! / Teach the Controversy: Get 20% off at all three of those stores by using the coupon code AMORPHIAROCKS before December 15th. There’s also a few new designs at Science! that you’ll want to check out.
  • PleaseDressMe x BustedTees: These two have teamed up to offer you a selection of Busted Tees, uhh, tees for the low, low price of $7.77, which is $4.23 cheaper than the tees on their own sale page!
  • 80s Purple: They’ve knocked 30% off their entire range of Obey Clothing, get in the action by using the coupon code OBEYME before December 15th.
  • Mustache & Friends: Get 20% off your order in their mustache-based store by using the coupon code apmustache, I’m not sure when this one ends.
  • Oath Threadline: Get 20% off your order at OT by using the coupon code apoath, I’d tell you when this deal ends, but I simply do not know.
  • Threadless: In addition to their current sale of $5, $10 and $15 tees, you’ll get free shipping ($7 off for international customers) when you spend $50 or more.
  • The Urban Shop: They have reduced the prices of everything in stock, with discounts of up to 60%.
  • Methods NYC: They’ve got a sale going on with up to 50% off some items.
  • AMP Street: There’s 25% off everything in store at this European streetwear store.
  • AAITSKI: They have a sliding sale, the more you buy, the more you save. Buy 1 tee and get 10% off, buy 2 and get 20% off, buy 3 or more and you’ll receive 30% off the cost of your tees.
    • http://www.markdefrates.com Pamela Daley

      I’m not complaining – really – ok, maybe just a little bit……..but I love your blog for the tee shirt reviews and wise cracks, not because I want to buy every friggin’ shirt that comes along. There are boring, crap sites for that info. So I, for one, will be glad when you get back to thoughtful, tasteful and pun filled reviews!


      Pam Twin Smile

    • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

      Hi Pam, feedback is very important to me trying to improve HYA, so I do appreciate what you’re saying, but are you saying that you want me to stop writing about sales, or stop posting as much in general?

      I know there are other websites that cover the same information, but I’d imagine that not everyone reads as many tee blogs as I do, and I’d hate it if someone bought a tee from one of the sites listed above at full price just because I didn’t mention it in a big post like this one. I do feel that sales/coupon posts have taken over a bit at the moment, but that’s just the nature of the beast at this time of year.

      Also, last night I needed to rush out posts so that I could go and see Coldplay in Manchester, and I can write these kinds of posts without thinking.

      I will try and bring back the puns soon!

    • http://www.artik.com/tsale.html Eli Winter

      Pam, I too appreciated reading your comment, I am just launching a blog and as I research blogging I see what a fine line it is between content and trying to make sales. My blog is only a week old but I want to make it interesting. So far it is not, but it will be.


    • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

      Hi Eli, the difference is that I don’t need to make sales, in fact, I couldn’t earn anything of any of the links, but I appreciate what you’re saying, good luck with your blog!

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