The IT Crowd: S3E4 FAIL!

by Andy on December 18, 2008

I have sad news to report friends, after a few good weeks writing about this seasons IT Crowd episodes, I’m afraid this week is a bit of a failure. After spending a while trying to work out where Roy’s tees came from (which is why this post is a few days late compared to usual), I’ve only managed to find one of the three tees.

The first tee worn by Roy in the episode (pic at the top of this post) had a bit of a Japanese feel to it, seeing as it has some Asian looking text on it and what looks like a series of characters beneath it. I don’t even know where I’d start looking for this tee, so I throw myself open to your suggestions.

The second is pretty easy, in theory, it’s a design with a slogan of some kind on it, usually I just have to Google that, and voila, I remain “that guy who find The IT Crowd shirts.” Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work out what the slogan says, I’m pretty sure that the final word being said by the character is ‘time’, but that isn’t much help without the rest of it. It has the look of a webcomic style t-shirt, so maybe someone out there might be aware of which webcomic it is, and then I’ll have some breadcrumbs to follow and hunt it down.

I’m glad that it was the last tee in the show that I managed to find, because then you’ll go away from this post thinking “sure, that sucked a bit, but at least he found one,” instead of, “dammit Andy, you’re such a loser, and you keep forgetting to link to things in blog posts!”

The Overlook Hotel, for those of you who arewondering why Roy would be promoting a hotel instead of his usual geek-chic, is the hotel in The Shining. The tee is available from Last Exit to Nowhere and costs £17.50.

Something else I noticed in the show was that Roy appears to be a fan of a blog called “Why, That’s Delightful” which is of course (of course!) written by the show’s writer and creator Graham Linehan. Except, he was actually looking at something else.

  • Rude Retro

    I couldn’t find the t-shirt but the text on the first tee is Japanese: ??????????
    which means My Pet Monster. Hope this helps.

  • Rude Retro

    Those question marks should be the Japanese text. Guess it’s not compatible with your blog software.

  • Andy

    Hmmm, I’m just using WordPress, you’d have thought that it would accept kanji (kanji? right?). Thanks for the translation though, I’ll get back on the hunt!

  • mike

    I’m looking for the bert and ernie shirt roy wore on the last episode of IT crowd.

  • karl

    haha im also looking for the bert and ernie shirt. ive googled around for bert ernie 8bit etc… found nothing. i want this!! plz help :)

    roy’s shirt from season 3 episode 1 (music i like / music you like / music i used to like) can be found @ .

  • fatboyfay

    The Bert and Ernie one is another Chunk ‘Witness Protection’ one. It was at Urban Outfitters last time I looked (a bit pricy, though).

  • vbo
  • Andy

    That’s fantastic vbo, thank you very much!

  • Rude Retro

    Good find. It actually mentions that they appeared on The IT Crowd on their website too.;jsessionid=15495d73114262f/shopdata/index.shopscript

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  • Nickolo 3

    The second one is called Evil Robot and it says “Destroy Them!” and it’s on Genki Gear. It even says so on the site!;jsessionid=154979c19917236/shopdata/index.shopscript

  • lydia

    Hi The first Tee is called ” Critters” and does indeed say “My pet monster” in Japanese and is by artist Phil English for his company “Genki Gear” at and the second one as Nickolo 3 rightly says is also by Genki Gear this time by artist Jess Bradley. Both are about £15 each. I think the “critters” one is only done in Charcoal at the moment as the blue was the limited edition of 20.

  • Andy

    Thank you everyone, but there is no need for people to keep saying that the previously unknown tees come from Genki Gear now that it has been said four times.

  • Quentin Reid

    I’m not surprised that the “My Pet Monster” is made by a British company because it is misspelt. The second “letter” tsu should be smaller.

  • chris

    Are there any t shirts that just have pics of Roy, Moss and Jen?
    I would buy one.

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