Ghost World Stencil Tee by sbariniesto [Flickr Finds]

by Andy on December 18, 2008

I remember watching ghost World a few years back and thinking it was pretty cool, and that this ‘Scarlett Johansson’ woman was quirky and kinda cute, but nothing to special (oh, how times have changed). Some of you may remember that I featured a tee by sbariniesto back in May, and if you did, well done, because there’s been freakin’ hundreds of posts since then, and I think I bookmarked this one at the same time. I really like the creative use of stencilling here, I often associate stencils with simple designs, but this is clearly anything but. I could do with some confirmation from the designers reading this post, would I be right in thinking that the Ghost World ‘text’ is ghosted onto this tee? Or is there another name for the technique being used?

The tee is presumably a one-off, but you could always try Flickr messaging sbariniesto to ask if you can buy one.

Photo credit: Ghost World by sbariniesto

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