And we are back!

by Andy on January 5, 2009


Happy belated New Year everyone!

It was nice to have a couple of weeks off, but I did find myself wondering what to do with all the free time, so I’m glad to be back blogging and hopefully we can make 2009 even more successful than 2008 for HYA.

Regular readers will remember me saying (and repeating, many times) that I’m going to be moving to Philadelphia for a few months. Hopefully, after a number of delays, I will be flying out in a couple of weeks, this will obviously mean some disruption to the posting schedule whilst I’m trying to find somewhere to live and generally having fun living somewhere new. Once I’m settled in we should be able to reach something like normality, but you probably shouldn’t expect to see 8 new posts a day like you became accustomed to in the run up to Christmas.

  • thomas romer

    you people need to hide your arms in 2009.

  • Andy

    If I were a smart man I would have got my two lovely lady friends up there to hide my arms, then we’d have a picture that made HYA sense, rather than a picture that’s me being attractive.

  • birdfeed

    Did the girl on the left get punched in the face? It looks like she is super bruised up.

  • Andy

    I love the idea that my friends are so hardcore they’d get in fights then still cheerily pose for pictures afterwards, but she was actually going for a subtle cyborg kind of look with loads of silvery makeup.

    Just so we’re quite clear… I don’t hit people, especially women.

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