All-over Print on Demand from Nodbod (as modeled by Jake Nickell)

by Andy on January 8, 2009


I was perusing Coty Gonzales‘ excellent blog earlier today when I spotted this cool-as-hell concept from a company called Nodbod. Basically, you send them a picture, and they make it an all-over print on a tee. You obviously don’t have to use your own face, but I do think it’s one of the funniest applications of this service. Some of you may recognise the guy in the photo as Jake Nickell, one of Threadless‘ founders, and the self-proclaimed “coolest dude on Earth.” It takes some balls to have your own face enlarged and put onto a t-shirt, bravo Jake!

The tees don’t run particularly cheap (circa $40), but what do you expect from an all-over POD company? If you don’t fancy creating something yourself they also have a growing collection of their own, which includes a design by AJ Dimarucot.

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