The Bestees are back!

by Andy on January 8, 2009


This may come as something of a surprise to you, but I don’t actually pay all that much attention to Threadless, that’s probably a form of blas-tee-my for a clothes blogger, but with them being so astoundingly popular (hands up if you don’t own one of their tees) I feel as if I should only mention them when something really interesting comes up.

The Bestees certainly are interesting. $40,000 of interesting.

$20,000 prize:
Design of the Year, based on YOUR vote!
Starting Jan 12, all 326 designs released in 2008 will be in the running and up for voting. On Jan 19, we will narrow down 20 finalists for an additional week of voting!

$10,000 prize:
Designer of the Year

$1,000 prizes:
Newcomer of the Year
Unprinted Designer of the Year (plus a design printed)
Blogger of the Year
Gallery Photographer of the Year
Collaboration of the Year
Groundbreaking Design of the Year
Best Use of Critique
Slogan of the Year
Select of the Year
Kids Design of the Year

We will be announcing the Bestee 2008 winners on February 2, 2009, along with a little something extra you won’t want to miss!

I’m not going to pretend to know what/who should win, feel free to put your suggestions into the comments, but I am looking forward to finding out who the winners are, even if it just means I know what to spend my street team points on.

You can check out the usual over-excitement of the Threadless community on this related blog post.

  • thomas romer

    so this is confined to Threadless tees right?

  • Andy

    Indeed it is Thomas, it would be cool if someone more hardworking than me would put together a site where they held a competition for the tee of the year, maybe next year…

  • thomas romer

    i would do it. except weRobot would win.

  • Pamela Daley

    “This may come as something of a surprise to you, but I don’t actually pay all that much attention to Threadless…..” ANOTHER reason why I like your blog so much!


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