Say Goodbye to Black Sea Apparel (buy! buy! buy!)

by Andy on January 10, 2009


I got word through yesterday that Black Sea Apparel would be closing down soon and are holding a store-wide sale to clear out the shelves. Tees are priced as low as $13 (which they remind us is actually less than the price of a blank American Apparel shirt from one of AA’s hipster-fortresses stores), and hoodies can be bought for $25 a pop, which is a great deal.

It’s always sad when a store closes, but especially so in the case of Black Sea as they were advertisers here on HYA for a pretty long time last year, which means that the blame for their closure almost certainly lies on you readers that just sit back and read the content without checking out the advertisers. For shame!*

In reality, Justin has just decided that Black Sea has run its course and would now prefer to concentrate on freelance graphic design jobs and hopefully move into an interior design career, though Black Sea will continue doing merchandise fulfillment. Good luck buddy!

*I kid, I kid, you guys are great, no really… wait, where are you going?

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