Exploded iPhone t-shirt

by Andy on January 13, 2009


I seem to be loving the work of other tee bloggers at the moment, because I’ve been stealing finding a lot of ‘inspiration’ from their posts for a few of my own entries recently, and this tee is no exception. Liz from Pop Culture Tees claims that this tee is doing the rounds on the ‘net, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and I’d like to think I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to my beloved iPhone (even if it did get too cold to work when my van broke down last week). Oh, and sorry that I didn’t post about this earlier, you could have been the coolest guy/gal at Macworld with this tee.

As a warning to all you Cafepress haters, this tee *might* be supplied by Cafepress, as the website links through to an ‘Exploded Items’ store (though there is just the phone on there) on Cafepress.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at ExplodedPhone.com

  • http://blog.youdesignit.com Kevin

    Really cool shirt. Now I’ll know what to do if my phone ever falls apart :-|

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