Eric from Linty Fresh tells you have to make your brand suck less

by Andy on January 14, 2009


Eric Terry, the man behind Linty Fresh (that’s him up there!), held a video webchat on Sunday evening in which he would answer people’s questions about the indie tee industry and share his experiences. With the time difference between the US and UK Eric’s Q&A sessions are on a little late for HYA’s bed time, but by all accounts they’re really useful and people are getting a lot out of them.

Unfortunately, the show was not recorded, however, Coty transcribed the who thing (on the fly as well, from what I gather), and has the whole thing on his blog, so head on over there and get some learning done.

  • Tim

    Great catch Andy. Eric runs a great one man show… he makes me feel like I’m never doing enough with my site, especially since I don’t handle shipping/customer service too like he does.

  • Coty

    Thanks Andy!

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