Billionaire Boys Club’s ‘Tuxedo’ Jacket – AKA “when streetwear goes wrong”

by Andy on January 15, 2009

x3nh7 480x232 Billionaire Boys Clubs Tuxedo Jacket   AKA when streetwear goes wrong

I’m willing to accept the excesses and oddness of hyper-hyped streetwear labels more than a lot of people, but come on, this jacket is U.G.L.Y (Utterly, Grossly, Laughably… ummm, Yorrible? You think of a better ‘Y’!).

Oh, and it will set you back about $620 too, tempted?

New Arrivals at Billionaire Boys Club [via HighSnobiety]

  • Kat

    Tempted? Absolutely! I was desperately looking for a penguin costume for Halloween! :-D

  • Nate

    I submit yawful or yepulsive as alternate y’s but seriously I agree that thing is terrible. It looks like something Kaneda from Akria would wear if he was a maître d’.

  • Rude Retro

    It’s yilarious.

  • Markus

    Yucky ?
    However, I like penguins, too.

  • Andy

    So, all I have to do is write about things I don’t like and they’ll get lots of comments? Yawesome!

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